Bred by Jenny Youngblood/ Thoroughlybred Farm   
Skyview's Orion (Connemara) &
Ken of Kent (TB)
TBF Orions Burnt Cookie  Stands 16.1hh 2002
If you know where Cookie is... Would you please
e-mail me contact information? I miss him!
Last know to have been sold to a trainer in
Upper Minn. Winter's in Florida, Hunter Circuit.
Ivy League
Sold to: Claire Brown
Chaseburg, WI
IromMan (Oldenburg)
Our Erin Foaled 2008
DRF Cavalier / A.K.A. Tana ~ 15.3hh
Sold to: Carol Addis ~ VA
Skyview's Triton (Connemara)
Ken of Kent (TB)  Foaled 2007
DR Nelson: 15.1hh   
Sold to: Carol Meredith
Brainard Minn  
HH Rambling Doodlebug (Pony)
Ken of Kent(TB)  Foaled 04
DRF Duke / AKA Brekn
Sold to Liz of S.W. WI 15hh
Foaled 2005
HK's Danny Boy &
Our Erin
DRF Dandy Button's 2006
HK's Danny Boy
Miss Maggie Mae a.k.a. Soiree
DRF Dallas 2010
HK's Danny Boy
Aluinn India Ink
Mr. B & Dallie reside in ND
with Jessie,Teri & Family
Miss Maggie Mae 2002
AKA Soiree
Born & Bred on
Dayton Ridge Farm
By:  HH Rambling Doodle Bug
Out of: My Girl
"It’s kind of like when you go
to some ice cream place, get a
really fantastic sundae and it’s
so good, you want to share it
with everyone you’re with….
Buttons is my sundae!"  ~ Teri
Sold to : Patchwork Farm, GA
DRF Simply Elegant
2009 Connemara/TB
HK's Danny Boy &
<   SOLD 2013!
Private Treaty.
DRF Deionte:
2010 Idocus Grandson
Connemara/WB Gelding
HK's Danny Boy
& ShowStopper (Idocus)
Piedmont Herman
Sold To Kathy & Gardener Cook,
Balmullo's Beacon & Ruby Percheron
Bred by: Vanessa Morgan 2006
DRF Ice Man: 2013
Connemara/WB Colt by
(Oldenburg). Out of
India Ink 13.3hh.
Congratulations to
the Andersen Family
BC, Canada.
Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI
DRF Dancer &
DRF Dakota
Both Connemara cross Colt's
HK's Danny Boy &
HH CashmereNPearls
(QT Pony).
DRF Smokey Joe: 2012 Connemara/Thoroughbred Gelding
by Skyview's Triton. Joey will be tall, dark & handsome.
Dam 16hh. Sire 14.3hh. He's a Looker & a Lover. Congrats
go out to:  Kimberly Shelton Carter Seattle, WA!
Sooo...Exciting!  :)
Sold 2013
DRF Ebony: 2013 Filly
by Skyview's Triton
Connemara/TB cross
expected to mature
15.2+hh. Site Champion
at AWR inspection.
Congratulation's to
Susan Baker, VA on your
purchase of DRF Ebony!
Sold 2014
Frohwind Granddaughter: DRF Bellacris
(Wildhaven Lexington x
Frulings Fee)  
Sold 2014
DRF Sterling: 2013
Connemara cross Colt  >
HK's Danny Boy &
HH CashmereNPearls
(QT Pony)
Sold Sept. 2014
Congrat's Emily Powell
of Westby, WI!
Click on Title or Pictures
for Full Page on each...
Congrats to Jenny Dougan
of Ellsworth, Iowa.
DRF Little Einstein
& DRF JumpNJupiter
2011 & 2012 Colt's
HK's Danny Boy &
HH CashmereNPearls
(QT Pony).
Look who went West!
DRF Teddy Too
Connemara / Bashkir Curly
Skyview's Triton &
Red's Curly Jessamine
Colt ~ Foaled June 2nd, 2014
Sire: 14.3hh, Dam: 15.1hh
Inspection Video
Teddy Too ~ Sold March 2015!  
Congrats to: Leslie Thompson of K bar A Ranch Montana!
DRF CopperTop: Connemara Cross (2013) colt by Skyview's
Triton. Fantastic build with a great personality. Registered
ACPS & AWR, scoring a 7.5 and Reserve Site Champion.
Best of Luck Jill. Enjoy this boy! He'll be a blast!
He is the sleeper you'll wish you'd snapped up!
CopperTop went West! Congrats go out to Jill Chilton in WA.
May 2015
DRF CopperTop
DRF CopperTop
DRF Apollo has been Sold!  
Congrats to Barb Scottston of MN!
DRF Apollo Connemara/ TB Gelding
by: Skyview's Triton
Registered, Inspected & Branded AWR.
Super Star!
DRF Barcelona  ~ Sold
May 2015!  
Congrats to: Isabela
Castaneda of Richland
Center, WI!
It is not often I sell a
foal at 2 1/2 weeks old
& right here in my
own neighborhood!

DaytonRidgeFarm, WI
Copyright for all photo's held by:
Dayton Ridge Farm & Sue Schamberger Photography.
Please Ask before Using ~ Thank you!
In Excess
Sold to: Colleen Gorman Chicago, IL
Ironman (Oldenburg)
& Ken of Kent (TB) Foaled 2005
DRF Alexandra: 2009 Connemara Cross  
HK's Danny Boy & Shelby GT
Alex is Dam to:  
DRF DeeDee & DRF CopperTop.
Alex will join DRF Cavalier in VA, in foal to Triton.
Sold 2013
DRF Dancer 2009 ~ Sold Private Treaty
DRF Dakota: 2010 ~ In Minn
with Brittney Anderson
Sold  2015
Sold  2013
Sold  2014
Sold 2015
DRF Trinity joins
Rita Hamlet and daughter Isla
in MD. So Excited for you
Isla! May the journey begin!
Sold Horses & Ponies
To see more photo's of
Off Spring...Click here
Sold! June 2015
DRF Barcelona
Congrat's to Sue Genin of WI on
both her purchases from DRF.
Aluinn India Ink is in good hands!
Oct. 2015... DRF Uncle Sam & DRF DeeDee sold on the same day!
Congrats to the
Tracy Carter/Thompson Family
of Arena, WI!
DRF Uncle Sam
Skyview's Triton &
Mountain Heather
Connemara Gelding.
Great addition to the
Thompson Family :)
DRF DeeDee
HK's Danny Boy &
DRF Alexandria
3/4 Connemara
Joins Nicole Daul
and daughter
Miranda. Looks like
Dayton Ridge Farm ~ Alumni ~ (608)604-4840
Sold 2015
Congrats to Jane Waugaman,
on your purchase of DRF Traveler!
I will miss him!