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DRF Stuffed With Fluff
A.K.A. Teddy
by Connemara:
Skyview's Triton
Out of Bashkir Curly:
Red's Curly Jessamine
In Memory of Teddy
3/29/13 - 10/3/13
R.I.P. My Little Man
Teddy met his fate when he somehow got his rear leg
wrapped in our Electro-braid rope fence. How he did this will
never be known. My mail man found him while on his route,
found and cut Teddy out.   Unfortunately, the damage had
been damage had been done.
Teddy was a super colt. Not only was he very cute,
his attitude toward everything we did with him was so
He is sadly and forever missed.  

Contact: Janet Johnson
DaytonRidgeFarm, WI
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