Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI

Contact: Janet Johnson
DaytonRidgeFarm, WI
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Dayton Ridge Farm ~ DRF Twilight
DRF Twilight has been taken off the market due to the flair up of a past injury
which she incurred in a trailering accident several years ago. This mare's amazing
tolerance to pain has everyone's admiration. For the past two years Twilight has
been carrying students of varying levels around small courses in lessons and in the
show ring. She has been honest with her distances and brave to every jump.  2017
brought WHJA awards which include Res. Low Adult Amateur Hunter, and she
carried her rider in the Low Adult Amateur Equitation, winning the
Championship!  Trainer Mary Skarsten  and all her students were saddened by
what Twilight's x-ray's revealed. Slightly off turned into career ending.
All the while we never knew she'd been hurting.
Twilight was Site Champion at her inspection and is
Registered, Inspected & Branded with the American Warmblood Registry,
and Registered ACPS 1/2 Bred. Twilight stands 15.
2 hh, she is Big bodied,
has Fluent gaits, & is topped with a great mind!
Look for her to enter the line up of Brood mares here at DRF.
A Special Thank you to trainer
Mary Skarsten for all her hard work
bringing this girl along! Also ta special
Thank you to:
Capturing the Canter Photography &
Hoofprint's Across the Soul Photography
for the photo's and video of Twilight!
September 2017 Schooling Video
October 2016 Schooling Video
Twilight July 2016 Video
More Twilight Video's on
DaytonRidgeFarm ~ YouTube
Check out this Pedigree.
For the Connemara lovers out there, Twilight
is a Custusha's Cashel Rock Grand daughter.
For those more in tune to her Thoroughbred
side, you'll find names like Honest Pleasure,
What A Pleasure, General Assembly,
Secretariat, Bold Ruler & Native Dancer.
DRF Twilight: 2011
Skyview's Triton.