Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI
Freestyle Gelding: Falcon DRF
Registered & Inspected AWR.
Freestyle (Westfalen) x Morning Lace xx
x Man O' Peace xx
Foaled March 31st, 2014
He will be Tall & He will be Black!
Falcon is so easy to get along with & pleasant to be
around. Growing up in a hurry, 16hh with room to grow.
Sire 17hh, Dam 15.2hh
$11,500 until training resumes.

Contact: Janet Johnson
DaytonRidgeFarm, WI
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Dayton Ridge Farm ~ Falcon DRF
3 years old & Lightly Started in Jan. 2017
Falcon will be Heading for
Training with Amanda
Smiley in Mid-Ju
Amanda will continue to
work on his groundwork,
lunging and suppling
through the Summer.
$$$ invested means
Price will have to increase.
I like to keep these guy's
handled, but can't keep
prices low if I'm putting
Money in. Avoid the
increase and Buy Now!