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DaytonRidgeFarm, WI
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Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI
Dayton Ridge Farm ~Gold Nugget DRF
2015 NASPR
Sport Pony Gelding
Gold Nugget DRF
Hilkens Go For Gold (GRP)
HH CashmereNPearls
Born April 3rd, 2015
Up to date on everything:
Vaccines, Farrier, Dental &
4/1/17 stands 14.1 hh perfect!

Raising 3 yr old! Ready to go!
September 2017
Nugget just returned from a
30 day stay with my farrier's
son Riley. Nugget's stay was
filled with many life worthy
experiences, introducing him
to many basics & creating a
solid foundation to build on.

For now Nugget will take a
little break until early spring,
when I'll continue with some
more formal training suitable
for a sport pony of his age.
Status Update ~ January 23rd, 2018
Nugget has enjoyed time off since September. It will
soon be time to put him back to work. My good friend
Paul will be helping me train for the month of
February and most of March. I look forward to this
every year and Nugget is on my training list. More
training of course will have to add to his cost. If you
have an interest in this guy, let me know now, before
he's out of reach. They don't last long here at DRF.
I rarely have a 4 year old left to sell. Nugget will be
three this year, he has a good head on his shoulders
and he'll make a heck of a nice pony in the Hunter or
Dressage Arena...so don't wait! Call, Text, Email!