AWR / NASPR Inspection
held at DRF Sept. 18th, 2016
Richland Center, WI.

Site Champion:
DRF Archer T ~ AWR
Score 8.1 1st Premium Premier
Lotus T (Holsteiner)
Out of:
DRF Ireland
x HK's Danny Boy

Reserve Site Champion:
DRF Countessa ~  AWR
Score 7.9 1 st Premium
Lotus T (Holsteiner)
Out of:
Morning Lace xx
x Man O' Peace xx

DRF Daireanna ~ NASPR
Purebred Connemara Filly
Score 7.5  1st Premium
HK's Danny Boy Out of:
Summerstreet Mountain Heather
x Tullymor's Mountain King

Shelby GT ~ AWR
Score 7.4  1st Premium
Morab/ TB Mare
by Jericho's Mr. Chauvinist
Out of: xx Port Seeker

DRF Shenandoah Sky
Score 7.4  1st Premium
Skyview's Triton
Out of: Shelby GT

Irish Dancer ~ AWR
Score: 7.2  1st Premium
HK's Danny Boy
Out of: Sin San xx

Score: 7.2  1st Premium
Belafonte d' Avalon
Out of: HH CashmereNPearls
Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI
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Contact: Janet Johnson
DaytonRidgeFarm, WI
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Dayton Ridge Farm & Sue Schamberger Photography.
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2019 Inspection Date to be Announced.
Usually the End of September.
Irish Dancer
AWR ~  Score: 7.3  
1st Premium
Dayton Ridge Farm ~ Inspection Results 2016
Another successful year! 7 scoring 1st Premium!
AWR Site Champion:
DRF Archer T ~ Score 8.1
1st Premium Premier
AWR Reserve Site Champion!
DRF Countessa
Score 7.8 ~ 1st Premium
DRF Daireanna ~  NASPR
Purebred Connermara
Score 7.5 1st Premium
Shelby GT &
DRF Shenandoah Sky
Both AWR
Score 7.4 ~ 1st Premium
For Sale
DRF Hades ~  NASPR
Score 7.2 1st Premium
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