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Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI
Dayton Ridge Farm - Nursery - 2018 Foal Crop
Above: Summerstreet Mountain Heather ~ 2013
Not Twins... just the Best Broodmare ever!
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2018 Inspection Page
Welcome to the world Dundee!
DRF Dundee
HK's Danny Boy & HH CashmereNPearls
Born to this world ~May 24th, 2018
... while I was in Dundee Ohio!
Enjoy DRF Nursery ~ 2018
Meet ~ DRF Derby Boy!
Born May 5th, 2018
HK's Danny Boy
x DRFAriel
by Skyview's Orion
Derby Boy is a Fun, Brave,
Athletic, Friendly pocket pony!
3/4 Connemara ~ 1/4 TB
expected to mature
in the 14.2 ~ 15hh range.  
One of the few offered
"For Sale"
at DRF this season!
This little Gem is
Offered For Sale.
Please Inquire!
Expected to finish
Large Pony.
Looking for a Love? Look no further!
Meet ~ DRF Freyja
Skyview's Triton
& Raina (Qt/Friesian)
Old Norse for "The lady"
Freyja is a Goddess  
associated with
Love, Sex, Fertility,
Gold, War & Death.
Freyja was named by my
Daughter-in -law, for my
Grand daughter's
1st horse.
Freyja will be retained
for  little Rosemary.
It will be so much fun
watching this pair
grow up together!
Expecting for 2019
And late 2018....
All foals available in utero.
Please inquire for special
pre-weaning and in~utero
Connemara/TB Cross
Skyview's Triton
x Morning Lace xx
by Man O' Peace
Expecting a Halloween foal!
Connemara/WB Cross
Skyview's Triton
x Sakura Hill Czola
by Alla' Czar
Expecting a winter foal
Due End of January!
Purebred Connemara
Brogan of Ledgewood
x Ledgewood's Lorelie
by Healing Springs
Willem O'Toole
Due Early February
Purebred Connemara
Logan of Ledgewood
x Kymirra of Ledgewood
by Rills Lothlorien
Due End of February
Warmblood Cross
Retained by DRF.
ES Toronto x Shelby GT
by Jericho's Mr. Chauvinist
Due Early May
Purebred Connemara
Skyview's Triton
x Aluinn India Ink
by *Hohnhorst Branni
Due Early June
Connemara/TB Cross
Skyview's Triton
x PJ's Angel xx
by Stormy Business xx
Due Mid June
Purebred Connemara
HK's Danny Boy x
Landsdown Liberty's Beacon
by Balmullo's Beacon
Due Mid June
Connemara Sport Pony
HK's Danny Boy x
HH CashmereNPearls
Due Late July
Connemara/TB Cross
Skyview's Triton
x Call Me Cara xx
Due Late July
Check out Mares Page.
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each foals Page :)
Born October 31st, 2018
DRF Artemis
By: Skyview's Triton
Out of:  Morning Lace xx
Congrats to: Isabela Castaneda
Proud owner of this Beautiful Filly! Artemis will be joining sister Barcelona very soon!