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1991 Mare ~Our Erin  xx
Concierge x Birtwick Lass x Be Joyful
1998 Katie ~ TB
2004 Morning Lace
by: Man O' Peace xx
2005 DRF Duke aka: Brekn
by: Connemara HK's DannyBoy
2007 DRF Traveler
by: Connemara Skyview's Orion
2008 Ivy League II
by: Oldenburg Ironman
Honest Pleasure Lines
Katie xx
Our Erin xx
Morning Lace xx
DRF Duke aka: Brekn
DRF Traveler
Ivy League II
Sooner or Later we all lose that special horse.
Dave & I buried "Our Erin", after she lost a battle
with colic, just 2 weeks after our 2010 South
Dakota trip with her.
Dave truly appreciated her for the thoroughbred
that she was, and for the confidence she placed in
every step as they ran with the wind together.
She was always game, and Dave fostered that,
creating a bond like she'd had with no other.
It's hard to see that era end.
Thankfully, Erin has left behind 5 great offspring to carry on.
Katie, Lacey, Duke, Traveler & Ivy.
Her legacy will carry on through her daughters & their offspring.
Our Erin will forever be greatly missed.
Dave & Our Erin
South Dakota ~ 2010

Contact: Janet Johnson
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