David & I have been taking
a trip "Out West" for
several years in a row
now.  Leaving for our trip
each May has become a
highlight of our year. So
much so that we've started
taking two of our close
friends, with us. Tracy &
Sue now share our
excitement as we plan our
next trip "Out West".  
We've visited both North &
South Dakota, and would
like to plan a trip to
Wyoming someday. We
welcome any advice as to
where the best Horse
Camps in Wyoming, or
French Creek in Custer
State Park, South Dakota is
by far our favorite place to
ride so far... There is really
no place in the world that
can compare to French
Creek!   ~ Janet
Theodore Roosevelt National Park ~ ND
Traveler's View
Tracy/Cash, David/Shelby/Traveler, Sue/Stormy.
2012 ~ North Dakota
Another Successful Trip!
South Dakota
Tracy/Cash & Sue/Stormy crossing French
Creek for probably the 100th time!
Just below the final
climb to the top of
Harney Peak
EL 7242 ft.
Highest Peak East
of the
David & Shelby GT...
Ask Dave "The Rest of the Story!"
My South Dakota Cowboy!
Sue & Stormy ~ Looking out over Harney Peak.
Tracy & her Kissing Burro's.
Tracy thinking she's on the Titanic!
Dave: "Let's get a little
closer..." Janet: "I  
think Trav wants to go
the other direction!"
When Dave turned
Shelby toward the
buffalo, the buffalo
charged Dave! 50 ft is
the comfort zone of a
stag buffalo.

Luckily when Shebly turned away, so did the bull!
Buffalo are a common sight at Custer Park.
Dave & Janet navigating from
the top of Race Track Butte.
Janet & Dawn's Devin
South Dakota
Sadly David lost Our Erin to colic just 2 weeks  later.  
David and Our Erin
David & Shelby GT
Aboard our 2 Crazy
Black Thoroughbreds!
That was a day to
My Connemara/TB cross DRF Traveler. 15.2hh
By Skyview's Orion & Out of TB, Our Erin
Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI
Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI
Sooner or Later we all lose that special horse,
Dave & I buried "Our Erin", after she lost a battle with colic. Dave truly appreciated her for the
thoroughbred that she was, and for the confidence she placed in every step as they ran with the wind
together. She was always game, and Dave fostered that, creating a bond like she'd had with no other.
It's hard to see that era end.
Thankfully, she's left behind 5 great offspring to carry on. Katie 1996, Lacey 2004, Duke 2005, Traveler
2007 (Dave & I delivered Trav on our first date!), and Ivy League 2008.
Dayton Ridge Farm ~ Out West