Ivy League
Sold to: Claire Brown
IromMan (Oldenburg)
Our Erin Foaled 2008
DRF Cavalier / A.K.A. Tana ~ 15.3hh
Skyview's Triton (Connemara)
Ken of Kent (TB)  Foaled 2007
DRF Nelson
Sold to: Carol Meredith
Brainard Minn  
HH Rambling Doodlebug (Pony)
Ken of Kent(TB)  Foaled 04
DRF Duke / AKA Brekn 2005
Sold to Liz of S.W. WI 15hh
HK's Danny Boy &
Our Erin
DRF Dandy Button's HK's
Danny Boy &
Miss Maggie Mae
a.k.a. Soiree
DRF Dallas 2010
HK's Danny Boy
Aluinn India Ink
Mr. B & Dallie reside in ND
with Jessie,Teri & Family
Miss Maggie Mae 2002
AKA Soiree
By:  HH Rambling Doodle Bug
Out of: My Girl
Sold to : Patchwork Farm, GA
"It’s kind of like when you go
to some ice cream place, get a
really fantastic sundae and
you want to share it with
everyone you’re with….
Buttons is my sundae!"  ~ Teri
DRF Simply Elegant
2009 Filly
HK's Danny Boy &
Morning Lace xx

Cleaning up in the
Hunter Ring!

DRF Deionte:
2010 Idocus Grandson
Connemara/WB Gelding
HK's Danny Boy
& ShowStopper (Idocus)
Piedmont Herman
Owned by
Gardner Cook
Bred by Vanassa
Started here at
Doing Great with
Gardner down in
DRF Ice Man: 2013
Connemara/WB Colt
Ironman 17hh
Out of Connemara
Aluinn India Ink 13.3hh.
Congrats to the Andersen
Family BC, Canada.
Contact: JanetJohnson
Dayton Ridge Farm
RichlandCenter, WI
DRF Dancer & DRF Dakota
2009 & 2010 Conn/Cross Colt's
HK's Danny Boy &
HH CashmereNPearls
DRF Smokey Joe: 2012
Connemara/Thoroughbred Gelding
Tall, Dark & Handsome.  Congrats go
out to:  Kimberly Shelton Carter
Seattle, WA! Sooo...Exciting!  :)
DRF Ebony: 2013 Filly
Skyview's Triton &
Connemara/TB cross
expected to mature
15.2+hh. Site Champion
at AWR inspection.
Congrat's to Susan Baker,
VA on your purchase of
DRF Ebony!
Frohwind Granddaughter: DRF Bellacris
(Wildhaven Lexington x
Frulings Fee)  
DRF Sterling:
Connemara cross Colt  
HK's Danny Boy &
HH CashmereNPearls
Sold Sept. 2014
Congrat's Emily Powell
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DRF Little Einstein
2011 Connemara Cross
HK's Danny Boy &
HH CashmereNPearls
DRF Teddy Too
2014 Conn/ Bashkir Curly
Skyview's Triton &
Red's Curly Jessamine
Congrats to:
Leslie Thompson of
K bar A Ranch Montana
DRF Apollo
2012 Conn/TB Gelding  
Connemara/ TB Gelding
Skyview's Triton & Ken of Kent
Congrats to Barb Scottston
of MN!
DRF Barcelona 2015
Congrats to:
Isabela Castaneda
Skyview's Triton

DaytonRidgeFarm, WI
Copyright for all photo's held
by: Schamberger Photography.
In Excess
Sold to: Colleen Gorman Chicago, IL
Ironman (Oldenburg)
& Ken of Kent (TB) Foaled 2005
DRF Alexandra
HK's Danny Boy & Shelby GT
Alex left WI in foal to Skyview's Triton.
Dam to:  
DRF DeeDee & DRF CopperTop.
Sold Horses & Ponies
To see more photo's of
Off Spring...Click here
Triton's Offspring
Danny's Offspring
DRF Traveler
2010 Conn/TB
Skyview's Orion
& Our Erin xx
Congrats to Jane
We miss our boy!
DRF DeeDee
joins the Daul Family!
2011 3/4 Connemara Cross
HK's Danny Boy &
DRF Alexandria
DRF Shenandoah Sky  
2016 Connemara Cross
Skyview's Triton & Shelby GT
4th DRF addition to the Addis family.
DRF Archer T
Lotus T x DRF Ireland
Archer Goes to Florida!
Congrats to Caroline
Ragan Mandeville
DRF Kennedy 2010
Private Treaty Sale
HK's Danny Boy x Ken of Kent xx
Look to see this girl in the Hunter Arena!
Irish Dancer
2015 Conn/TB
HK's Danny Boy
x Sin San xx
Congrats go out to
Anna Chrzanowski Ohio!
Congratulations to
Christina Keim of
New Hampshire
on her purchase of
DRF Isabela
2015 Connemara/TB
Skyview's Triton x
Honest Wit xx
Dayton Ridge Farm, LLC ~ Sold Horses ~ Born ~ Bred ~ Sold!
TBF Orions Burnt Cookie
Stands 16.1hh 2002
Bred by:
 Thoroughlybred Farm   
Skyview's Orion (Connemara)
Ken of Kent (TB)
Super Star!
DRF Trinity
Skyview's Triton
x In Vogue x Ironman
Trinity joins Rita Hamlet
and Daughter in VA!
So Excited for you Isla!
May the journey begin!
DRF Lulu Belle
2014 Connemara Cross
Sold to the Smiley Family!
2014 Pure Bred Connemara
Skyview's Triton &
Summerstreet Mountain Heather
DRF Dugan

Dugan goes to Massachusetts!
Congratulations go out to
Heidi Johnson &
Daughter Molly Zastrow
2015 Pure Bred Connemara
DRF Dublin
Skyview's Triton x DRF Ireland

Dublin moves to
Ontario, Canada to live with
David & Paula Niece & pursue
Competitive Driving!
Congrats to Kristin Caskey
and daughter Lulu!
I am enjoying watching  
your journey unfold!
DRF Sweet Vidalia

Skyview's Triton x
Honest Wit xx
The Skarsten adds a
DRF Penelope
2017 Connemara Cross
Skyview's Triton x
HH CashmereNPearls
x See Little Gold Rush
I am looking forward to
watching this young
team grow!
DRF Fancy That
Skyview's Triton x Sleighton xx

Another DRF horse heading for the boarder!
Congrats to Kelli Long of Alberta, Canada!
Congrats go out to:
Sandra Cuddihey of Ontario
DRF Dirty Harry is now a Canadian!

Have Fun with Handsome Harry!
DRF Copper Top
Skyview's Triton
& DRF Alexandria
Congrats go out to Copper's
new owners Matthew &
Ksenia in WA.
DRF Ireland
HK's Danny Boy x
Serendipity Summer Games
2011 Purebred Mare
Purchased in Foal by
Aubrey Staller of IN
A great addition to your
breeding & lesson program!
Hilken's Go for Gold x HH CashmereNPearls
2015 NASPR Gelding

Gold Nugget DRF
Heads for Massachusetts!
Congrats to Lauren Kopec!
Congrats to
Cathy Seaver
of Michigan...

Tully will be his
new name!
DRF Baxter Black
2015 15hh ~ Purebred Connemara
Skyview's Triton x Aluinn India Ink
MaryAnn Collins
fell in Love and had
to have this boy!
What an exciting
way to enter the
New Year! Enjoy
him~ every minute!
2015 Gelding ~ 3/4 Connemara 1/4 TB
Skyview's Triton x DRF Kennedy
DRF JumpNJupiter
2012 Connemara Cross
HK's Danny Boy &
HH CashmereNPearls
DRF Uncle Sam
2013 Purebred Connemara
x Skyview's Triton
Congrats to the Thompson's!
Who's at the end of
your Rainbow
Our special Unicorn
DRF PeachesNCream
2008 Medium with
permanent card.
Sweet Oak Farm
Wellington, FL
DRF Artemis
Sold at birth to
Isabela Castaneda
2018 Connemara/TB filly
by: Skyview's Triton
& Morning Lace xx
Artemis join her full sister
DRF Barcelona
Congrats to
Amy Schuning
and Family on their
purchase of
Landsdown Liberty
Beacon in foal to
HK's Danny Boy!
DRF Derby Boy
goes to Connecticut to become
JaeJet's Knight in Shining Armor!
2018 3/4 Connemara/TB Gelding
HK's Danny Boy x DRF Ariel
x Skyview's Orion
Sold to Utah!
Congrats Katie Cobia!
DRF Little Lilly
2017 Conn/TB Filly
HK's Danny Boy x
Morning Lace xx

Sold to Canada!
Congrats to the
Canteenwalla Family!
DRF Dundee
2018 Connemara Sport Pony
HK's Danny Boy x
HH CashmereNPearls

DRF Happy Harlan
Sold to Sandy in Canada
Harlan join's Harry!
Skyview's Triton x
PJ's Angel xx
Falcon DRF
Freestyle (Westfalen) x
Morning Lace xx
x Man O' Peace xx  
Congrats and Best Wishes
to Katie Schmidt!
Finley of Ledgewood
Logan of Ledgewood x
Ledgewood's Nevaeh
Congrat's to the Karen D
Family in California!
DRF Bindi
Excited to see Bindi go to
Georgia to Trainer/Breeder
Allyson Myers.
Purebred 2019 filly by
Skyview's Triton
x Aluinn India Ink
Boscotti DRF
2016 GRP Cross Gelding
Belafonte d'Avalon (GRP)
Out of:
HH CashmereNPearls
Oh what the future holds!
DRF Lord Lothlorien
has moved to Vermont!
Brogan of Ledgewood x
Kymirra of Ledgewood
x Rills Lothlorien

Congrats go out to Amy.
Enjoy your journey!

DRF Tupelo Honey
Skyview's Triton x Sakura
Hill Czola x Alla'Czar
Tupelo has made her way to
Idaho to play a big part in
one young ladies life!
Congrats to the Montensano's

DRF Bella Luna
Willow’s Art of Kells
x Morning Lace xx
So excited for Kait Rector to
bring this gal to NewYork
and raise her up for her next
Eventing partner!

Kymirra of Ledgewood
Rills Lothlorien x Heaven's
Ridge Mistykil Sunset
x Lynfield's Kiltuck
Kymirra join's the Labrenz
family & Surefyre Farm LTD
of British Columbia!
Trainer Rachel Wehrheim
of Medicine River Farm
embarks on her journey with

DRF Trapper John
Skyview's Triton x Call me
Cara x Believe the Queen
Can't wait to watch
these two unfold!

Gold Digger DRF
Hilken's Go for Gold
x HH CashmereNPearl
Digger has moved East!
Watch for him out on the
Hunter Circuit !
2020 Filly
2020 Colt
2020 Filly
Ginger heads to Colorado to
join the Reed Family!

Ginger Snap DRF
Parcival x DRF Twilight
x Skyview's Triton
Connemara SportHorse Filly
1/4 Connemara,1/2 WB, 1/4 TB
DRF Cliffton
Purebred Connemara Colt
*Smaragaid Cliff
x Kymirra of Ledgewood
Cliffton heads East to join the
DeCrescenzo Family!
DRF Whiskey's Angel
HK's DannyBoy x PJ's Angel
Stella Join's the Thompson's
Floyd journey's to Michigan
to join the Turner Family!

I am so excited that Floyd
has found his Family
DRF Pretty Boy Floyd
Connemara Sport Pony Cross
HK's Danny Boy
x HH CashmereNPearls
Custom Foal for 2022?
Who's your Favorite?

DRF Aurora/Vivian
has found a new home!
Sally Flath!
Connemara / Thoroughbred
Skyview's Triton x Honest Wit